Welcome to our site for opposition to Mandatory Public School Uniforms

We're a group of parents struggling to oppose mandatory uniforms in our otherwise excellent local public schools.    We hope to provide some on-line help (such as links) to others in the same struggle, as well as hear from others who have had to fight this trend.

Sadly, we were left with no choice but to take our school board to court to resolve this issue...

If you believe, as we do, that having a governing body mandate how citizens should dress is just flat wrong, then read on, or send us your thoughts.

Read the recent Supreme Court ruling about parental rights RE: visitation.

We are not anarchists, and recognize that society can only function by having rules of conduct and behaviour.   However, when the government restricts the activities of its citizens, it must show just cause for such restrictions.    Should not the standards be even higher for the government to dictate what actions its citizens must perform?

"Why all the fuss over just clothes?"    Um, well, that's not quite the issue...  The problem is the underlying principle that allows such government coercion.  What do you suppose the reaction would be to a school district requiring students to wear only "hot pink" clothes, or say black & white referee uniforms?   Once a uniform policy is in place, the style and colors can be changed on a whim - "it's just clothes", after all!

Has your Texas ISD tried the weasel-tactic of specifying a "Standard Mode of Dress" or "Standardized Dress Code" to avoid allowing exemptions as required by the TX law enabling mandatory school uniforms?   If so, read this startling bit of common sense from the T.E.A. and make sure your ISD sees it too!

Does your Texas ISD board of trustees or administration have trouble grasping what "bona fide" means? Ours did, despite several recitations of various dictionaries, but now the TX State Commissioner of Education has cleared the fog in this ruling granting a uniform opt-out denied by FISD trustees - it's worth reading!

"What can i do to help?"  First, don't shy away from stating your concerns and/or beliefs when the subject comes up in conversation.   To avoid that "glazed-over look" from your audience, avoid mentioning the obvious parallels to communist rule, or any relation to Nazi activities.
    Second, contact your congress-critter!   Since state laws allow these policies, they could be a place to modify the enabling or exemption criteria.   
    And, if you want to help financially, make a tax-deductible donation to the A.C.L.U., and include a note that you want some or all of the donation to help pay for the Forney uniform lawsuit.

How about some notable quotes from famous, deceased, weird, wise or otherwise influential folks?

Or maybe you prefer more current generally-related quips & quotes from magazines, newspapers, etc.?

Are you working on a school report, or involved in a school uniform debate?   You might find a little help on our debating points page.

Here are some meager tips on filing a complaint with the Commissioner of Education.

Please be patient with us as we slowly build up this site - we are still trying to have the mandatory uniform policy overturned, and it is a very time-consuming task...

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